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This should be a simple explanation of what the dataset is. It can include some broad guidance about what the data should and shouldn’t include.

How the data can be collected

A description of how the data can be collected, based upon our knowledge and what we did when publishing the sample data. For example this could have been extracts from an LMS reporting system, or manual updates to a spreadsheet.

Sample data row

Here we include a single row of data taken from one of our real sample files. All fields in the dataset should be included, and ideally there should be an example value for each one.

Field name 1 Field name 2
Example value for field 1 Example value for field 2

A full sample can be viewed at … (provide link to the sample data on GitHub).

Field notes

Field title

These sections should only be completed for fields where it is worth providing additional notes. For example, an opening hours column may need explanation of the data structure, and where the standard has been taken from.

Potential problems

Problem title

A description of a problem that can occur, from our discussions. It could be a technical issue (size of dataset), a training requirement, common data problem, etc.

How the data is updated

We aren’t covering this in detail at this stage, but this can be a short indication of what should be done when the data is updated. For example, the data may be added to each time it is published (e.g. loans), or updated and replaced (e.g. libraries/mobile libraries).

How the data could be used

An example of what could be done with the data.

Future enhancements

Future enhancement title

Something that could be added later on that will bring extra value to the dataset. Will generally be something that is likely to be too difficult immediately.

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